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Welcome Page: Meetings, Announcements, and Plans
2016-17 Social Studies Agendas
2015-2016 Social Studies Agendas
Essential Questions
Protocol for reviewing student work
Geography Group: January 6, 2016 Meeting
Geography Group Essential Questions
K-12 Economics Curriculum Group Meeting 12-10-14
NWAIS Recommendations that require a response
Social Studies Strands
Multicultural Assessment Tool
Accreditation Report and Our Current Work
December 11th Meeting Overview
On-Line Workshop: Teaching the UDHR
Teaching for Change
Don't Forget Your HW
Tuning Protocol: Help Needed
Notes Posted
Curricular Review Focus --handout from last year/End game?
October 30th Agenda
Late Breaking News
Goals for October 30th Meeting
Meeting Dates This Year
Curricular Study Groups
Beginning School/Lower School End Goals
Social Studies Links, Resources, Things to Ponder.. A place to pool resources
Shared Vocabulary
Teaching reading skills across divisions
Meeting Ground Rules
Goals for 2015-2016 curriculum work
Mission Statement for Review during April's Meeting
NWAIS Responses 2015
Progressive Look at Israeli - Palestinian Issue
World News Sources: Recomended by School Library Journal
next meeting goals
"Know your City" Walking Tour - takeaways
NWAIS Recommendations
2014-2015 Goals and Agendas
Minutes 10-22-14
Mission Statements from Across the School
Upper School NCSS Standards - Vertical Alignment